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Fixed Wireless + WiFi

Every Venue Needs Individual Design

When working with Fixed Wireless and  Wi-Fi networks, SureSite leverages cutting-edge technology with meticulous planning and attention to detail because every location and  venue is distinct.

Our Method

1. The Right Technology

SLA and project budget requirements will drive network design and decisions.

2. Complete Discovery & Data Collection

RF benchmarking of existing system performance helps identify:

  • Areas of poor coverage

  • Interference

  • Performance Issues

3. RF Site Survey + The SureSite Survey Team

The SureSite team will deliver a fully integrated survey with design tools, in real-time, via a Unity Cloud server as well as a complete site walk with key stakeholders to get the best data collection possible.

Complete System Design

Count on a system’s solution-based design with supporting technical analysis. We will prepare our best suggestion design with alternative options to ensure you get the best system possible.

Trial & Piloting

We work with our customers to develop a phased roll-out approach for trial and piloting, keeping in mind the unique specifications of the venue.

Fixed Wireless and WiFi Services

  • Consulting
  • Siting and Permitting
  • Systems Evaluation
  • Systems Design & Engineering
  • High-Density Design Capability
  • Project & Systems Implementation Management
  • SLA
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Let's Do Business Together!

Rely on our network of regional and field offices for the expertise and coverage to make your project happen!

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