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EV Charging

Fueling today's electric transportation infrastructure.

Deployment Philosophy

We incorporate the key ingredients for success:
Planning, Process, Tools and Training

Trust us to...

  • Provide a complete end-to-end deployment solution

  • Utilize a streamlined implementation team approach

  • Optimize  EV charger placement and site

  • Apply our proven process for site selection and construction

  • Construct sites on budget and schedule

People Make The Difference

Each project assignment is different. SureSite ensures that the team possesses skills specialized for the job. This is why we offer in-market teams, driven by the needs of the project.

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Right People Right Seat

Our site development and construction teams are proven professionals in their field of expertise. We put the right people in the right seat.


We hire in-market staff to create a team with specialized skills for the project. Using our extensive experience, we make sure the in-market team meets our criteria to help you achieve your site deployment goals and timelines.

EV Charging Station Construction

Constructing an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station requires careful planning and adherence to best practices to ensure efficiency, safety, and compliance with relevant regulations.

Site Selection
  • Choose locations with easy access for EV drivers.

  • Consider proximity to major roads, shopping centers, or other destinations.

  • Ensure there is adequate space for future expansion.

Station Design
  • Layouts are designed for optimal traffic flow and ease of use.

  • Stations designed to accommodate a variety of EV models.

  • Provide adequate lighting for safety and security.

  • Design charging stations that meet accessibility standards.

Compliance & Regulations
  • On par with local building codes and regulations for EV stations.

  • Comply with relevant electrical codes and standards.

  • Obtain necessary permits before starting construction.

Electrical Infrastructure
  • Conduct thorough assessments to ensure the existing infrastructure can support the charging station's power requirements.

  • Consider working with a qualified electrician to assess and upgrade electrical systems if necessary.

Project Management Capabilities
  • We provide effective coordination, scheduling, and communication for successful EV charging projects.



Safety Measures & Protocols
  • We follow industry safety standards and prioritize safety protocols.

  • Equipment is installed and maintained according to standards.

  • Safety and emergency procedures are clearly marked.

By following these best practices, you can contribute to successfully constructing and operating an EV charging station that meets users' needs, adheres to safety standards, and promotes sustainable transportation.

How We Bring Innovation To Construction


Modular & Prefabricated Solutions

We develop modular and prefabricated components for EV charging stations that streamline construction processes, reduce costs, and enable faster deployment.


Green Infrastructure Integration

We incorporate sustainable eco-friendly construction materials into EV charging station structures that align with the broader goals of clean energy and environmental responsibility.


Smart Construction &
IoT Integration

We integrate advanced technologies into the construction process allowing for smarter, more efficient charging station development. This can include real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and data-driven optimization.

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Let's Do Business Together!

Rely on our network of regional and field offices for the expertise and coverage to make your project happen!

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