About our Company


We've built our reputation on the ability to think ahead, to produce not just a deliverable, but a sustainable asset.

SureSite Consulting Group, LLC was founded in 1999 to provide site development services to the wireless telecommunications industry. We launched SureSite as an affiliate organization of a commercial real estate company to provide real estate acquisition and zoning solutions, based on project management and quality results.

Our relationships with both customers and vendors are built on trust and partnership. We are in this together for the long-run. As a result, we’ve grown our company to national reach and have expanded its services to provide a truly turnkey solution.

SureSite’s regional offices are located in Cleveland, Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles, with field offices throughout the country.

We are focused on creating long-term partnerships. SureSite has always been a market leader for our customers, which is proven by our long-term relationships and repeat business.


Our specialists are trained to understand the technical aspects of infrastructure and network deployment. This ensures that all stakeholders are presented with a complete product description and proposal. The project team remains consistent throughout the process from entitlement, to design and engineering, through installation.

Our Project, Construction, Program, and Engineering Managers Are:

Certifications and Qualifications

SureSite is proud to list the following certifications to our expertise. 



DAS and Small Cell Leaders

SureSite Consulting Group, LLC provides true turnkey DAS and small cell services to its customers.

Real Estate and Site Development

SureSite draws on our commercial real estate roots and years of wireless site development experience to lay the foundation for our DAS and Small Cell team. SureSite has engineered, leased, permitted and built hundreds of oDAS/small cell nodes, iDAS systems and fiber to building projects.

Technical Experience

SureSite’s technical team has deep national experience in RF engineering, installation, commissioning, and optimization.