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The Systems Integrator

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As a capable systems integrator, SureSite brings together component subsystems and ensures that those subsystems function together.

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Triple-Play™ Program

In order to support the next wave of in-building wireless communications, SureSite has created SureSite Enterprise Triple-Play™ incorporating cellular, Wi-Fi and public safety…an all in one, cost-effective solution.

1. Cellular

  • Improve cellular coverage, capacity, and performance for your constituents

  • Improve the quality of service

  • Decrease dropped calls

  • Increase wireless throughput speeds


2. Add High-Density Wi-Fi to your building

  • Support location-based services

  • Support Wi-Fi calling


3. Meet Public Safety Requirements

  • Keep up with safety mandates

  • Renew focus on fail-proof emergency communications

  • Incorporating our Triple Play™ wireless design engineering to your technology upgrade, new building construction, or tenant improvement is a cost effective way to add the infrastructure needed for the smart building of the future.


Contact our Enterprise Sales Representative for a consultation and site survey today.

Complete Solutions

The SureSite Difference

Turnkey Solutions

We do it all, from start through integration - a seamless solution for our customers.

Technology Leadership

SureSite invests in leaders with extensive experience and training. The sharing of knowledge is important to us, both with our customers and internally.


The evolution of wireless communications is accelerating. Through progressive thinking and a vision set on the next generation of technology, we remain on the cutting edge of what tomorrow may bring. Our partners in the market are the best in the business. Whether a discrete real estate or site development project, we have the experience our customers need in all facets of system integration.

Tenured Staff

We get it done right the first time.  More than a decade of experience providing iDAS, oDAS, small cell and fiber solutions ensures it.  Our experiences with DAS engineering, installation, commissioning and optimization cover the East Coast, Midwest, South and West Coast.  


We partner with our customers – bringing trust, respect, quality and confidence to every project and relationship.

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