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Small Cell & SureSite

SureSite is a leading provider of small cell services. Rely on us for a turnkey solution, backed by the leadership, knowledge, expertise, and experience to get the job done right the first time.

Today, SureSite is pushing technology into the field, enabling more timely access to technical information, pricing, product selection, and site design. Our overall field experience, including right of way and jurisdictions, ensure projects are completed quickly and efficiently

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Small Cell Philosophy

SureSite incorporates the key ingredients for success: Planning, process, tools, and training.

Trust us to:


  • Provide a complete end-to-end small cell solution

  • Utilize a streamlined implementation team approach

  • Apply our proven process for small cell deployment

  • Always begin by picking the right small cell node location



Each project is different. SureSite ensures that the team hired possesses skills specialized for the job. This is why we offer both rapid deployment and in-market staffing options, driven by the needs of the project.

Rapid Deployment

Our rapid deployment team can be mobilized to markets in advance of permanent staff or remote market teams. They are responsible for site visits and node selection. Team members compile data collected in the field to ensure a seamless handoff to permanent staff.


SureSite hires in-market staff quickly and efficiently to create a team possessing specialized skills for the project. Using our extensive experience in Small Cell hiring, we make sure the in-market team meets our criteria to help you achieve your Small Cell goals.

Our Service Portfolio Is Unique To Small Cell

RF Engineering

  • Data Collection

  • Outdoor CW/Drive Testing

  • Small Cell Designs

  • Commissioning

  • Optimization

Site Acquisition

  • Franchise/Right of Way (ROW) Agreements

  • Pole Attachment Agreements

  • Private Property Agreements

  • Easements

Architectural and Engineering

  • Site Selection

  • Node Pole Designs

  • Application Drawings

  • Construction Drawings

  • Utility Coordination

  • Structural Analysis

  • Surveys

  • Fiber Engineering and Design

Installation Services

ll Cell and oDAS Nodes

  • New Pole (wood, concrete, composite, metal)

  • Existing Utility Pole

  • Existing Utility Pole Replacement

  • Headend Buildouts/Tenant Improvements


Fiber Projects

  • Installation of all substructure and aerial strand and hardware

  • Installation, testing, and termination of fiber in the field, buildings and at headend

  • Installation and testing of fiber optics equipment

Test and Measurement Services

  • PIM

  • Sweep

  • Fiber OTDR

  • Performance


  • Discretionary Permitting

  • Encroachment Permitting

  • Private Property Zoning and Permitting

Construction Management Services

SureSite has experience and success working in the Public Right of Way (ROW) and with the various utility and light pole owners. We work closely with Site Acquisition, RF Engineering and Architectural and Engineering (A&E) during node pole selection.

Our construction management: 

  • Assesses constructability, scope, schedule and costs to build small cell nodes

  • Coordinates with A&E, and manages drawing package progress and schedule

  • Assists in obtaining encroachment and or electrical permits and any other approvals required by the local jurisdiction

  • Oversees the construction of small cell nodes and monitors schedules

  • Monitors code compliance with local building and city codes

  • Monitors adherence to safety guidelines during construction

  • Completes final close out package

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Triple-Play™ Program

In order to support the next wave of in-building wireless communications, SureSite has created SureSite Enterprise Triple- Play™ incorporating cellular, Wi-Fi and public safety… an all in one, cost-effective solution.

Read more in our Complete Solutions section, or, Contact our Enterprise Sales Representative for a consultation and site survey today.

Infrastructure experts. Small cell leaders

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