IoT & SureSite


Internet of Things (IoT) can improve productivity, efficiency, mobility, and revenue in your business.  Let us show you how to implement a wireless IoT strategy.

The advanced connectivity of devices, systems and services requires seamless network operability, both inside and outside.  SureSite provides complete network services to ensure absolute success – today and tomorrow.


IoT Philosophy

Successful solutions arise through insight that comes from professionals working with cutting edge networks and applications.  Our unique pool of talent and services enables our customers to make tactical, timely decisions at every step of network development and deployment.

What is HetNet?

"HetNet" is shorthand for heterogeneous network, a diverse collection of technologies and communications infrastructure that work together. This multi-faceted network, like other programs in the telecommunications industry, enables wireless coverage and capacity. Among other things, the HetNet can include cellular infrastructure, small cell, DAS (Distributed Antenna System), and Wi-Fi systems.

With the ever increasing demand for wireless coverage and capacity, the continued deployment of all these communications systems is imperative to maintaining our connectivity…with each other as well as with our surroundings. HetNets enables us to continuously communicate, manage, automate, and maintain the things around us, including utilities, automobiles, buildings, transpiration, and even entire cities.

SureSite is ready and able to lead the development and deployment of this smart technology, bringing to you today, the systems of the future.

IoT at SureSite

Triple-Play™ Program

In order to support the next wave of in-building wireless communications, SureSite has created SureSite Enterprise Triple- Play™ incorporating cellular, Wi-Fi and public safety… an all in one, cost-effective solution.

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