DAS:  Distributed Antenna System

Through best in class technical expertise and innovation, SureSite is in a unique position to provide a complete DAS solution. Your multi-talented SureSite team is committed, trustworthy, knowledgeable, accountable, and reliable.

We house a robust RF engineering and design team, fully-equipped with iBwave design and mobile planner. Our experience with pricing, product selection and placement, and design makes SureSite efficient and effective in the field.

As a capable systems integrator, SureSite brings together component subsystems and ensures that those subsystems function together.

We have also expanded our iDAS Engineering and project management capabilities on the West Coast. Using the Cloud, our RF engineering and design team collaborate directly and in real-time with field site survey and installation teams.

We have extensive DAS experience in deploying networks for carriers, neutral hosts, and public venues, including:



Each project is different, and SureSite believes the team you hire should be uniquely qualified.  We offer both rapid deployment and in-market staffing options, driven by the needs of your project. 

Rapid Deployment:

Our Rapid Deployment team can be mobilized to markets in advance of permanent staff or remote market teams.  They will be responsible for site visits and node selection.  Team members compile data collected in the field to ensure a seamless hand-off to permanent staff. 


SureSite hires in-market staff quickly and efficiently to create a team possessing specialized skills for your project.  Using our extensive experience in DAS hiring, we make sure the in-market team meets our criteria to help you achieve your DAS goals.


Triple-Play™ Program

In order to support the next wave of in-building wireless communications, SureSite has created SureSite Enterprise Triple- Play™ incorporating cellular, Wi-Fi and public safety… an all in one, cost-effective solution.

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