Our Executive Team

Kelly Warsaw, CEO

Ms. Warsaw provides senior leadership of SureSite in all aspects of the business. Ms. Warsaw’s broad financial and business management background brings an array of strengths to SureSite and its clients. Further, her experience in business management and planning will ensure that SureSite leverages its experience to develop and implement best practices and deployment plans for projects. Additionally, Ms. Warsaw provides leadership in the development of SureSite’s strategic plan, proprietary systems, processes and management tools.

Ms. Warsaw received her B.B.A. in Finance from Emory University and her Masters of Business Administration from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Jerry Warsaw, Founder and President

Mr. Warsaw is the founder and President of SureSite Consulting Group, LLC. Mr. Warsaw brings over twenty-five years of industry experience to his consultancy. He has advised clients in a range of industries – including distribution, energy, manufacturing, real estate and telecommunications. He has developed proprietary methods, processes and management tools to provide high quality delivery of services and systems. SureSite clients benefit from his unique blend of industry experience and technical knowledge. Mr. Warsaw’s core area of work is leading SureSite’s mission of providing high quality and innovative services on a regional and national scale.

Mr. Warsaw received his B.S. in Business from the University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business.

Courtney Schmidt, Executive Vice President

With over twelve years of industry experience, Ms. Schmidt serves as Executive Vice President responsible for the operations of SureSite's business throughout the country. She focuses on smart growth and customer activities. In addition, she is involved in the development of business in new markets and industries. Ms. Schmidt joined SureSite in 1999 and initially performed site acquisition, land use planning, zoning and permitting services as SureSite expanded in the East, Midwest and West markets. She then took on additional responsibilities to direct and manage SureSite's site development business. This role encompassed developing methods, processes and management tools for high quality delivery of services and reporting methods to the customer.

Ms. Schmidt received her B.A. in Economics from Wittenberg University and her J.D. from Cleveland - Marshall College of Law.